Friday, June 30, 2017

Final Inspection, It's All Good

I usually don't get to meet the previous owners after we've completed our property remodel. Ed Russek purchased the Robinhood property back in 1958 and lived there 54 years. He and his wife raised their 3 daughters and 2 sons in this home. Ed Russek sold the property to a couple who ran the property into the ground making it unlivable and was soon foreclosed on. 
Ed and his family had a special attachment to this wonderful home after so many years of enjoyment. However, they felt bad the way the property had been mistreated. The Russek's heard that we purchased the property and began the clean-up and remodel. We were excited to invite Mr. Russek to view the home when we were completed.
Ed pictured above shows us the craftsmanship of the archway he built years ago. He said that it took 3 days or more soaking the pine in water to get it to bend the way he wanted. Great craftsmanship and certainly adds a lot of character to the entry.

What a wonderful treat to meet Ed and two of his daughters where they talked about many of their memories growing up this home and Sherwood park.

It was surely gratifying to get the approval from a family that had lived here so many years.

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